Friday, August 13, 2010

getting up to date

011 : 365

012 : 365
Dream state

013 : 365
My familiar

014 : 365
Living among the dead

015 : 365
Dead rat
I nearly stepped on this dead rat on a walk around my new neighborhood. There was no immediately visible cause of death, but I do like the rock also being in this photo. And somehow there seems to be pink on the ground, which i didn't notice when I snapped the shot. Hmmm... Taken with my iphone.

016 : 365


Sue Fisher said...

Wow, these shots sum up your moving stress nicely. The mirror isn't cracked but you look a little like you might be.

Sue Fisher said...

That Dream State photo is fantastic. I wonder how you took it.

Bea said...

Yay, you're in! I haven't been brave enough to do a self-portrait yet.

Anonymous said...

omg, the rat! the rat.


Mary G said...

I want to know how you did Dream State too! Beautiful. Love the self-portrait as well.

painted maypole said...

i took dream state in near darkness (there was a nightlight in the room) on the night setting on my camera... because the shutter is open for so long and I didn't use a tripod I got the blur. After I took the picture I was sure I'd hate it, but ended up really liking the blurry quality of it.