Monday, September 27, 2010

(last) weekend's adventures

51 : 365
Picture from a moving car FAIL

Alejna took some cool pictures out of a train window in the rain. I tried to do this, but the combination of high speed, bouncing, and wrong shutter speed turned this into a fail. I need to learn how to change the shutter speed manually. There are several pictures I've failed at that I want to try again once I take the time to learn this basic technique.

51 : 365
53 : 365

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

47 - 50

47 : 365

This would have been way cooler if I hadn't left the telephoto lens in the car.

48 : 365

I have missed fall. This was the time of year that I was always jealous of bloggers posting tons of fall pictures. Expect a lot of colored leaves in the weeks to come.

49 : 365
Barbie Porn

Yes, there are often toys strewn across my living room floor. You got a problem with that? The naked Barbies struck me as a potential photo goldmine. There was a shot where I liked the angle better, but it was blurry.
49 b&w : 365

The same shot in black and white. The color change makes me think of this one as a crime scene photo. Although I imagine those are probably in color, too.

50 : 365
Still waters

Light the way

46 : 365

We toured a local lighthouse. It hasn't been in use since the 1930's but was recently restored. It used to light the way in some dangerous straights between Michigan and Canada. I wrote about our visit (complete with more pictures, including an interior shot of the staircase that several people voted as best of the bunch) on my regular blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The cats are a constant source of amusement and picture opportunities.

44 : 365
Marlowe plays with The May Queen's Barbie stuff more than she does. He was batting a Barbie stethoscope all around: hopping in the air, snarling at it. As soon as I grabbed the camera he laid down and relatively calmly began playing with this purple crown. I hope to some day get a more humorous action shot.

45 : 365
Shakespeare tolerates this humiliation fairly well. He's a prince of cat.

View from my Kitchen

I haven't abandoned project 365, despite all appearances to the contrary. I'll try to get caught up over the next few days.

42 : 365
This is my counter, the morning AFTER baking muffins. I obviously didn't clean up the night before. Shooting past the pretty, I was.

I read that I could take my lens off of my camera, flip it around, and use it to take macro photos without a macro lens. I was totally geeked by this, thinking this was a quick and easy way to do something DIFFERENT and REALLY COOL with my camera, without taking a bunch of time to learn how to change settings, etc (which I really DO want to do. you know. some day). But every time I tried this the screen warned me that the lens was not attached and refused to take a picture. So my camera is too smart to fall for this trick, it seems. Buy the expensive lens, it tells me, you cheapskate. (if any of you manage to do this, let me know) This is what I thought was going to be my first attempt at at a macro:
43 : 365
It's a salt shaker. My SIL bought us a pair of these bunnies, saying they could be our special occasion "kid table" shakers. They are our everyday shakers. If I use salt and pepper. Usually, I'm dousing my food with Jane's Krazy Salt. (everything is better with Janes. Now you know. Everyone whom we introduce to Jane's runs out and buys some themselves. Seriously.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off to school

41 : 365
First Day

Because, as Sue says, "there are times when the classic, clich├ęd shot is just what posterity demands."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're hunting rabbits

We got together with my family on Labor Day, and the cousins set up a rabbit trap, complete with carrot. The bunnies were smart enough to stay away, but I did capture some cute pictures. In fact, I couldn't decide which was my favorite. For the first time, I'm posting two:

Hunting Rabbits
40 : 365

Hunting Rabbits 2
40.1 : 365

I am Superman...

... and I can do anything

Greatest American Hero
40 : 365

The son of a friend of mine from high school. 4 of us, and our 8 collective children, spent a day at the park. Lovely.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


More catching up...

35 : 365

We spent the day at an amusement park, and I took this picture of the screen after a ride with my iphone (and got reprimanded, thank you very much, but I wasn't about to pay $15 for a copy of this photo). That's my daughter and I wearing red. It's blurry, which is pretty much how I felt after 31 coaster rides in 9 hours. I have given birth to a roller coaster FIEND.

Legos adrift
36 : 365

37 : 365

In Louisiana, everyone calls crayons "colors."

Spinning lights
38 : 365

Daddy, daughter and boats
39 : 365

We went to a wedding. The reception was at a yacht club.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've posted any pictures. Playing catch up is never fun, particularly when none of the pictures are fantastic. Here goes..

28 : 365

I took a ton of jumping pictures this day, indoors and out. Although the composition isn't great, and the shadow drives me nuts, this is the clearest and the best expression and doesn't cut off any part of her body.

29 : 365

30 : 365

31 : 365

I left the camera lens outside after the fire pics the night before. I thought the dew on the lens cap sort of mirrored the wavy glass of the patio table. What do you do with your lens cap while you're taking pictures?

Fringe 1 - Yawn
32 : 365

Shakespeare (the cat) is particularly hairy, and his mane inspired me to finally take some pictures following the weekly prompt. I just happened to catch this yawn.

Fringe 2 - window
33 : 365