Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mourning and Celebration

My grandfather died last week... here are some pictures...

84 : 365
Three Kleenex Breakfast
When The May Queen woke up we broke the news that her Great Grandfather had died. She barely touched her pancakes, and when her plate was cleared this is what was left on the table.

85 : 365
Sanibel at Sunset
A view from the plane

86 : 365
Young Driver
Driving the golf cart was a kick for me as a child, and The May Queen and her cousin were thrilled to be deemed old enough to drive it themselves. My cousin was patient- and strong stomached- enough to let them drive round and round the cul de sac. I love the joy on their faces and the way the sunlight is captured. Grandpa would have been smiling. And then telling them not to drive with two feet ("You'll strip my brakes!" ... like mother, like daughter!)

87 : 365
I have a picture at this same beach of a 2 year old May Queen holding hands with her great grandfather... wait... let me see if I can dig it up...
There it is. Nov. 2004. We decided that taking the kids to the beach was a great way to honor Grandpa... by doing something he loved doing.

88 : 365
Fancy Dishes

We spread out the stuff, and each took what we wanted to remember, and thought we would use. The rest... most of it... we boxed up to donate.

89 : 365
Grandpa's Garden

Still blooming...


81 : 365
Under the Bridge

82 : 365
Feeding the multitudes
Each bag, when boiled in water, will feed 6 adults or 12 children. We spent the morning (with over 150 others) filling over 10,000 of these bags.

83 : 365
Dead Mouse
Why is it that I keep finding dead rodents on the sidewalk in my neighborhood? I actually finished my walk, went home for my camera, and returned to snap this lovely shot.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


78 : 365
Fairy food

79 : 365

I had just dropped the May Queen off at school, and the light was so cool I had to stop and get some pictures of the sun shining through the leaves, even though I only had my point and click camera with me (it's easier to keep in my purse at all times than the DSLR). Got lots of great pictures that morning, but this is probably my favorite. Probably. I both love and hate when I can't decide.

80 : 365

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


caught up. whew.

76 : 365
2 wishes

77 : 365
In motion
Another "mistake" that I just love. I took several pretty leaf pictures, as well as some much sharper pictures of the May Queen playing, but this one strikes me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


71 : 365
Tiny Dancer
My daughter is taking ballet for the first time this year. I tried to snap some quick photos before they closed the door on the studio. This one is blurry, but I just love the way she's standing, and the blurriness makes it very soft in a way I rather like. I played with different effects, but liked it best just the way it is.

72 : 365
Mixed signals

73 : 365
Before her first race

My daughter, aka The May Queen, has just joined her first swim team. Here she is getting advice from her coach before her first race ever. She was the breaststroke leg of a medley relay. This was probably the best she did all night. I love the coach and how positive and encouraging he is. And he's known her name since the very first practice.

74 : 365
On Saturday she walked in a CROP walk and raised $600 to feed the hungry. She was tired, but proud to be the first local walker ever to earn that little green shoe pin for raising over $200.

75 : 365
Fire truck


Will the catching up never end?

66 : 365

67 : 365

68 : 365
Eight trick candles

69 : 365
Lego revenge

70 : 365
Through the Web
Self Portrait

I was sitting in the car and noticed that there was a web stretching from the car to the mirror. I had to try to capture it with my camera. See it?

Monday, October 11, 2010


62 : 365
False Fuel

63 : 365

64 : 365
Crafty Party Preparations

65 : 365
On Your Toes

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture, like the too bright feet in the foreground from the flash, and the blurriness of the subject. But I like the way it's framed, and the full bodied concentration. This is a group of girls making friendship bracelets (the only REAL way to make friendship bracelets is to anchor them to your big toe) at her birthday party.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


54 : 365

55 : 365
self portrait #2

56 : 365

57 : 365
Another Little Piece of My Heart
(notice the shape of the hole in the leaf. My daughter found this when I challenged her to find the prettiest leaf. I had to concur)

58 : 365

59 : 365
Sleeping like a baby

60 : 365
Leaping over obstacles in a single bound

61 : 365
Flowers and fall leaves