Monday, December 13, 2010

not last week, but the week before

126 : 365

(ha... I'm posting this so much later, after we've had a much larger dropping of snow, that I can only laugh at this old photo. that's what I get for being slow at the editing and posting)

127 : 365
Waiting for Santa?

128 : 365
Country Church

129 : 365

130 : 365
Things are looking up


Bea said...

I love those first few photos. I just posted 17 days' worth, which goes from a bit more than a dusting to the current three-foot-high drifts. I do prefer it when I can have some kind of narrative progression!

Sue Fisher said...

I really like the last shot a lot. BTW, I took a bunch of puzzle shots last night but ended up taking a different shot altogether that won the race.

Sue Fisher said...

You asked about the trick with the lights. It's really the camera that does the work for me and not me controlling it per se. I have a 50 mm lens and when I use a small aperture setting on it in certain kinds of lighting conditions, I get the bokeh effect. To learn more about bokeh, go here:

You can see examples here:

And now that I have discovered this next link, I am soooo trying it:

Mary G said...

127 is an absolute winner. You are one good photographer.