Thursday, January 6, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Moon

sometime between about 2am and 3am on Dec 21, 2010 I stood outside in this:


to get some pictures of the eclipse. I have not mastered the tripod, let alone the manual settings, but I did do a bit of reading online about suggested settings and such, and gave it a go. Here are five of the better pictures, showing a fair progression:

(it was cloudy, and the worst was when I first went outside. After this I also did better at waiting for the clouds to move to take pictures)

147 : 365
lunar eclipse

(I chose this as pic of the day because, if you click on it and enlarge it, you'll see it's the clearest shot, showing the face of the moon best)

Unfortunately because the tripod and I aren't yet friends, the camera would move, and then I'd have to readjust, and so the angle on the moon isn't always the same, and I'd have to change settings again, etc. Still, I'm glad I gave it a go. It's a learning experience, and how often does one get to (attempt to) photograph a full lunar eclipse?


Mary G said...

Wow! Well Done. We got snowed out and I didn't even see it.

Tripod is not hard - you just have to contort youself a bit to make sure you have the shot you want. And with long exposures, a release cord is a nice extra.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh thank you!! I missed it and have NOT been happy about it. We had a terrible cloud cover.

I think you did a great job-- it's not easy to get a camera set up to take photos of a dark sky.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures--we also had cloud cover and I'm still bitter about it.