Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i have no idea what number we are on. I've taken some pictures in the (long) time since I've been away, but no, not every day. Maybe I'll post them. Maybe I'll get back to taking pictures regularly.

This isn't the most flattering self portrait, but it's a pretty accurate representation of my life right now. I took it through a crack in a cement slab, and the crack and rebar and myself - we're all reflected in the water below.


Mary G said...

I don't know where we are at number-wise either. I keep toting the camera, hoping.
there is a stream on the road I have to drive to get to the village where mute swans usually stop for a rest on their way north. Last year I saw them twice, no camera.
this year, so far, no luck. But the last of our snow went yesterday. And my croci are out.

alejna said...

I'm sorry that things are feeling so cracked right now. I hope the stress eases up on you soon. Are you at least getting to have spring in your part of the world?

As far as numbers go, I think this is day 259. But it's also possible that I've gotten off track. I'm glad to see you posting, in any case!

E said...

It's been a rough couple of years for lots of folks. But we miss you out here in bloggy land. write and catch us up will you?
Hope you are feeling well and whole and happy this days Miss Maypole