Thursday, August 12, 2010

catching up on the East Coast

I flew to NYC for a baptism, and also tucked down to Philly to visit some friends. Here are pictures from that trip (and OH how many times I wished I had taken my good camera. Lesson learned. I hope)

003 : 365
I want to be a part of it

Our plane couldn't land on our first pass over La Guardia (another plane didn't clear the runway in time) so we swooped over Manhattan, and I took some pictures out of my plane window. If only the clouds would have moved out of the way...

004 : 365
Holy Baptism

A window in the chapel of St. Bartholomew, where I became a godmother for the third time

005 : 365
Half: part 1

006 : 365
Half: part 2

My college roomie now has twins. Fraternal, obviously. They turned one right after my visit, and were a pure delight. Also, watching my dear friend parent these girls, and their big brother, was wonderful.

007 : 365
Broadway and 23rd
I had lunch with Magpie (and failed to get a picture! I had meant to, but we talked the whole time and I plumb forgot) but she told me to be sure to check out this art installation. There were identical statues on buildings all around this intersection, teetering high above. I had missed them entirely when I passed below on my way to lunch.

008 : 365
taken with my iphone at the Museum of Natural History

009 : 365

010 : 365
Suitcase living


Sue Fisher said...

Welcome aboard. I'm so glad you're here.

Snapped P said...

Love it so far! I totally would have missed that art installation, too...I like the way you captured it.