Saturday, October 16, 2010


78 : 365
Fairy food

79 : 365

I had just dropped the May Queen off at school, and the light was so cool I had to stop and get some pictures of the sun shining through the leaves, even though I only had my point and click camera with me (it's easier to keep in my purse at all times than the DSLR). Got lots of great pictures that morning, but this is probably my favorite. Probably. I both love and hate when I can't decide.

80 : 365


Anonymous said...

Love, love the rust picture--both the colours and the shapes.

Sue said...

That leaf picture is stunning. If it had competition for best picture, then you had a very fine day with the camera indeed. I love the other two shots too, particularly the Scotch thistle.

Mary G said...

I love all of these. There are some spectacular leaf pics by the crew, but I think this one is really tops.

Snapped P said...

All three of those photos are magic. The rust one, especially, and the thistle. Wowza.