Tuesday, October 12, 2010


71 : 365
Tiny Dancer
My daughter is taking ballet for the first time this year. I tried to snap some quick photos before they closed the door on the studio. This one is blurry, but I just love the way she's standing, and the blurriness makes it very soft in a way I rather like. I played with different effects, but liked it best just the way it is.

72 : 365
Mixed signals

73 : 365
Before her first race

My daughter, aka The May Queen, has just joined her first swim team. Here she is getting advice from her coach before her first race ever. She was the breaststroke leg of a medley relay. This was probably the best she did all night. I love the coach and how positive and encouraging he is. And he's known her name since the very first practice.

74 : 365
On Saturday she walked in a CROP walk and raised $600 to feed the hungry. She was tired, but proud to be the first local walker ever to earn that little green shoe pin for raising over $200.

75 : 365
Fire truck

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Sue said...

Look how keen you are! You have posted an oxymoron shot before I even set the prompt (Mixed signals).

The May Queen is so lovely and is really growing into the person she's going to be. It's great to see all these shots of her in a row.