Wednesday, November 3, 2010


92 : 365
An Actor's Toolbox

I'm not using this much lately, but dug it out to get makeup for my daughter's Halloween get-up. Then realized I hadn't taken any pictures that day. I would have preferred not to use a flash, but, alas. I was too lazy, apparently, to work that hard on the lighting. I can look inside that Caboodle and see a history of the shows I've done... the blue eyeshadow for Any Wednesday, the glitter and green lipstick for The Tempest, the eyelashes for Beauty and the Beast, the Top Stick (used to keep a costume in place) for Anything Goes...
93 : 365
Before School

I realized, when uploading new pictures, that I had incorrectly numbered the previous two photos, so those have been fixed.

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Mary G said...

The makeup kit took me back - I used to do stage makeup, long ago. I have a wonderful shot of myself, in smock, coldcreaming the male lead prior to turning him brown. I have him by the hair, as he was not happy with the coldcream bit, and his face is hilarious.
Love the swings.