Monday, November 15, 2010

memory layers

110 : 365
Angel girl

No, this is not some photo editing trick. Ladies and gentlemen (crickets??), this represents the first time I used a tripod, referred to my manual, AND played with the shutter speed and aperture. Basically, I set up my camera in front of my computer and took long exposure shots of multiple photos (a little trick I read about on Photojojo a while back. This week's memory prompt finally prompted me to DO it.)

I found that while my manual sort of told me HOW to adjust the shutter and aperture, it was pretty useless in terms of telling me how to read it, what the numbers meant, etc. Once I finally figured out how to get the shutter speed to the bulb setting, then I had to adjust for how much light the computer gave off. I knew that was aperture, but did I want a higher or a lower number? Thank God for google. I still have lots to learn, but I was finally able to get pretty close to my desired result. I think it would be fun to really pull together some great photos... like a baby photo and a current photo of my daughter (I actually went about trying to do this, and realized how precious few good pictures I have shot of her recently. Even with all my photo taking. So now I am on another mission.)

I did just peek through my facebook photos, and decided to try it with the four pictures I had in an album from when I did Proof:


Sue said...

FANTASTIC! I need to try this. If only I had a full-size monitor. Good golly, this is a fantastic shot.

alejna said...

That is a really stunning photo, and a cool technique I'd never heard of.

Slow shutter speed is fun! I'm enjoying myself with it a lot. You should try playing with it in a dark room with a flashlight.