Saturday, September 18, 2010

View from my Kitchen

I haven't abandoned project 365, despite all appearances to the contrary. I'll try to get caught up over the next few days.

42 : 365
This is my counter, the morning AFTER baking muffins. I obviously didn't clean up the night before. Shooting past the pretty, I was.

I read that I could take my lens off of my camera, flip it around, and use it to take macro photos without a macro lens. I was totally geeked by this, thinking this was a quick and easy way to do something DIFFERENT and REALLY COOL with my camera, without taking a bunch of time to learn how to change settings, etc (which I really DO want to do. you know. some day). But every time I tried this the screen warned me that the lens was not attached and refused to take a picture. So my camera is too smart to fall for this trick, it seems. Buy the expensive lens, it tells me, you cheapskate. (if any of you manage to do this, let me know) This is what I thought was going to be my first attempt at at a macro:
43 : 365
It's a salt shaker. My SIL bought us a pair of these bunnies, saying they could be our special occasion "kid table" shakers. They are our everyday shakers. If I use salt and pepper. Usually, I'm dousing my food with Jane's Krazy Salt. (everything is better with Janes. Now you know. Everyone whom we introduce to Jane's runs out and buys some themselves. Seriously.)

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Mary G said...

The light is great on this shot and I seriously want a pair of those for my table ... any idea where they came from?