Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've posted any pictures. Playing catch up is never fun, particularly when none of the pictures are fantastic. Here goes..

28 : 365

I took a ton of jumping pictures this day, indoors and out. Although the composition isn't great, and the shadow drives me nuts, this is the clearest and the best expression and doesn't cut off any part of her body.

29 : 365

30 : 365

31 : 365

I left the camera lens outside after the fire pics the night before. I thought the dew on the lens cap sort of mirrored the wavy glass of the patio table. What do you do with your lens cap while you're taking pictures?

Fringe 1 - Yawn
32 : 365

Shakespeare (the cat) is particularly hairy, and his mane inspired me to finally take some pictures following the weekly prompt. I just happened to catch this yawn.

Fringe 2 - window
33 : 365


Bea said...

You've got such a fringe-y kitty!

I love the log fire shot.

Mary G said...

I leave the lens cap in the camera bag for reasons well illustrated in your photo.
I have a sunshade on the telephoto anyway plus a polarizing filter and need not worry about scratches.
The film camera lens caps kept stray light out - they are needed much less with the digitals.
Cat photos rock! I love #2.
Colours shot is just fantastic!

Your daughter is beautiful. Truly!

Sue said...

I love the kitty yawn. It's amazing.