Tuesday, September 21, 2010

47 - 50

47 : 365

This would have been way cooler if I hadn't left the telephoto lens in the car.

48 : 365

I have missed fall. This was the time of year that I was always jealous of bloggers posting tons of fall pictures. Expect a lot of colored leaves in the weeks to come.

49 : 365
Barbie Porn

Yes, there are often toys strewn across my living room floor. You got a problem with that? The naked Barbies struck me as a potential photo goldmine. There was a shot where I liked the angle better, but it was blurry.
49 b&w : 365

The same shot in black and white. The color change makes me think of this one as a crime scene photo. Although I imagine those are probably in color, too.

50 : 365
Still waters


Sue said...

Have you ever seen that 50s(?) picture book called The Doll? The Barbie pics remind me of it.

BTW, I am poised to also post unlimited fall photos. Am just waiting for a frost.

kaye said...

love "changing" and "still waters" I like how you name your pictures. "Barbie Porn"--too funny :)