Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're hunting rabbits

We got together with my family on Labor Day, and the cousins set up a rabbit trap, complete with carrot. The bunnies were smart enough to stay away, but I did capture some cute pictures. In fact, I couldn't decide which was my favorite. For the first time, I'm posting two:

Hunting Rabbits
40 : 365

Hunting Rabbits 2
40.1 : 365


alejna said...

I love these! I can see why you wanted to post them both.

Snapped P said...

Awesome. I love seeing the May Queen's face through the back of the chair in the first photo, but both are delightful.

Mary G said...

Second one tells the story better; both are hilariously good.

Sue said...

I love them both. I am currently giggling at the screen.

Sue said...
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kaye said...

great shots--girls out for adventure. I remember watching my kids do this same thing, only they were trying to catch a chipmunk.