Monday, September 27, 2010

(last) weekend's adventures

51 : 365
Picture from a moving car FAIL

Alejna took some cool pictures out of a train window in the rain. I tried to do this, but the combination of high speed, bouncing, and wrong shutter speed turned this into a fail. I need to learn how to change the shutter speed manually. There are several pictures I've failed at that I want to try again once I take the time to learn this basic technique.

51 : 365
53 : 365


Bea said...

I love all these birds of prey shots (you and bornhikin'). It's the time of year, I guess!

Snapped P said...

The hawk photo is beautiful! As is the one of the May Queen with that look of intense concentration.

And, oh, how many shots are just epic fails when I try them. I guess, for me, it's all about increasing the ratio of successful to failed shots taken over the course of the year.

kaye said...

Love th expression on MQ's face :) and the hawk is superb.